Cheer savannah Parents

Practices are open for junior and senior teams at all times! As long as your not a distraction and do not interfere, we encourage you watch for yourself & even video!!!! We want to partner with you on how to help your baby! Communication is key! Please take notes and help her see what she can do to improve and also -be the voice of reason if she’s ever discouraged! And as always, all it takes is a 2 minute conversation with your coaches if your child is ever feeling defeated or down. These girls are their own worst critics and any instruction breaks some of their spirits! Collaborate with us and teach your daughter how to be strong! How to respectfully discuss with her coaches if she has a reasonable concern about her spot!
Parents of the minis and youth age teams are invited in the last 30 min of practice as long as your child can still focus. We are hoping they will be more attentive and perform better knowing mom is watching!
Let us know what feedback you have as parents. Our coaches and staff want to know and need to know! We are hoping that customer service and professionalism is on POINT but that mostly our coaching is second to none! Ask yourself if your baby is learning, getting better, and becoming a stronger, better cheerleader? How’s the team chemistry? We want to inspire these young leaders to be the Hardest workers and focused on details! Help us challenge every kid to WANT TO IMPROVE, want to WIN, and with a team first mentality! It takes a village! Everyone come together to help make this our best season yet!!! 

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