Coach Tonya Arkwood has been at Cheer Savannah for over 10 years.  She enjoys coaching the tinys as well as the older kids.  Her Mini 2 team recently won Grand Champs! She can do wonders with those little kids. She is also a full time mother of 2.


Coach Eddie Sealey cheered at NC State University and coached in Raleigh, NC for 7 years. He is a our Choreographer and music mixer/editer.  He has an abundance of talent.  He is our All-star Director.


Coach Alex Lindler is one of our own level 5 alumni and VSU Cheerleader. Alex has a unique spirit,  amazingly positive attitude, and great love for every child.   She is exceptional with kids who are going through mental blocks. Her youth 1 team won “all-levels champion”  to be the best youth 1 team in the world.  





Coach Kellie Fletcher coaches national and regional teams, along with tumbling classes. She attended and cheered at North Carolina A&T State University where she won three Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Collegiate Cheerleading Championships. Kellie is also an Architectural Designer and the Head Cheerleading Coach at Savannah State University. She is USASF Credentialed, a certified NCA Cheer judge and maintains an ACCAA National Safety Certification. The vibrant energy of the girls she coaches literally gives her LIFE!