1. SQUAD COMPETITION CHOREOGRAPHY = $3000 for 2.5 days of routine choreography PLUS custom music to match. The best custom choreography on the circuit that highlights your strengths & hits the score sheet but in a unique & fabulous way that turns a cheer routine into a one of a kind production. Our staff is the best choreographers in the industry & specializes in the most amazing dances & creative routines that are always copied, duplicated, & borrowed! We personally do your music “in-house” to match your choreography & you have your music by the end of your choreo session. We offer the total package! We will teach one stunt group or 1 side of a pyramid or give you ideas & suggestions but we do not teach skills at choreo camp.

To add an additional day to the above camp to concentrate on stunts & pyramid sections–to get exact counts, teach proper stunt technique, give a variety of stunt/pyramid options….that will be a total cost of $4000. This day can precede the choreography camp or come the day after. We can teach the full ups, full downs, kick-fulls & choreograph amazing, creative pyramids for the most advanced teams OR we can make your beginner team look amazing by starting with the basics & giving them creative stunts & pyramids that score well, but are actually feasible for a more inexperienced team,

3. Competition Dance Choreography = $1000.00
OUR FAVORITE day of the year…is the day we DANCE! Our dances are the best in the industry & the most recognized in the nation…

4. 3 months of weekly squad training =$3000 total. Which breaks down to $60 per month per athlete for a team of 16 kids. This $60 payment would be due for august, september, & october. OR the school can make a lump sum of $3000. Great choreography is only half the battle as your team has to be clean, polished, progressed, & mat ready. We can work with your team all season to add difficulty & skill as they gain experience & knowledge.

5. Sideline Camp or Game Squad Camp is a 2.5 day clinic. $2000 total for a squad of 16 cheerleaders or less. Or, $125 per cheerleader for a team/teams above 16. = Fun, team building school cheer camp focusing on your particular wants & needs! We can do custom chants, sideline pyramids, sideline stunts, pep rally dance, etc! PLUS an additional **$300 for your custom camp CD with TWO custom & personalized tracks to match your routines that you can email to your team. If you want custom dances…this fee is waived if you prefer to use a generic cheer mix that other teams will have used.
We can do tumbling clinics, stunt/pyramid day, just a dance, a clean-up day—we can offer your team whatever you need to be successful! Let us know how we can customize your camp for you.