Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5-7 Senior 3Velour 

Level 5 tumbling block 6-7


Y3 cashmere Mini 2 Silk


Youth 2 Denim


4:30-6 = Tiny Ruffles 

M1 Sequins


Y1 Chiffon

Mini 2 Silk Y3 Cashmere


Y2 Denim

Tiny = 4:30-6 Ruffles Mini 1 Sequins


Youth 1 Chiffon

Tiny 2Regional Tiny EyeletRegional 1 Cotton

Regional 2 Jersey

7-9 Kevlar Coed 5  

Restricted 5 Linen

Lace Sm sr 5

J4 LeatherCoed4 Velvet


Sr 3 Velour

Coed4 Velvet Sr 2 Satin


J3 Suede

KevlarLinenLace Sr 2 satin J4 Leather


J3 Suede

Open Gym
Below are the Teams, Team names, Contact coaches, Contact moms for summer… 

Tinys, Ruffles, Tonya, Katie Springer

Mini 1 Sequins, Alex, Courtney Peterson

Mini 2 Silk, Tonya, Lisa Grassi

Youth 1 Chiffon, Kim, Lori Furgeson

Youth 2 Denim, Alex, Starr Richie

Youth 3 Cashmere, Justin, Niki Perry

Junior 3 Suede, Alex, Aretha Bush

J4, Leather, Sam, Jamie Davis

Sr2 Coed, Satin, Kellie, Brandy Trout

Sr3 Velour, Jared, Amy Collins

Sr 4Coed Velvet, Eddie, Joy Marsh

Sr 5 coed = Kevlar, Jared, Steph Johnson

Restricted 5 Linen, Justin, Steph Johnson

Small Sr 5 = Lace = Steph Britt, Steph Johnson

Tiny Regional = Eyelet, Kim, Logan Faust

Regional Level 1 = Cotton, Justin, Julie Wade

Regional Level 2 Jersey = Jersey, Jared, Anne Gratz





***summer schedule effective May 31-September 7th. Fall schedule starts the Tuesday after Labor Day…Sept 8th. Fall schedule TBA

Mandatory practices begin August 3rd no exceptions. Team re-evaluations the week of Aug 3rd.

Holidays: July 4 closing = Monday June 29th-Sunday July 5th Reopen Monday July 6th.

Father’s Day = Sunday June 21, OPEN for prax & its “bring your dad to prax” day.

Labor Day weekend= we will be OPEN Sunday Sept 6th but CLOSED Monday Sept 7th.


Allstar ELITE team camps (by levels) paid for in summer fees by elite teams = June 22-26. 9AM-4 PM level 1s June 22, Level 2 is June 23, Level 3 is June 24, Level 4 is June 25, & Level 5 is June 26th.. Mandatory, no makeup, & non-refundable if you cant make it. … pizza for lunch


*need to attend 75% of summer practices! Enjoy your 25% having fun!

*no makeups for holidays & closings.