1. We started in 2000 & are recognized as one of the best cheer gyms in the country. We are branded! Everyone We build champions on and off the mat!.

2. We were voted by American Cheerleader Magazine as one of the top 20 programs in the country.

3. We host all levels, 1-5, at our gym, 17 teams, & 500 team members. Our level 5 seniors have earned a bid to the World Championships 5 times & advanced into the world finals.

4. Several of our athletes have cheered at the collegiate level on scholarship & we have relationships with the college coaches who want our athletes, email us recruiting from our gym, & let us know about their collegiate clinics.

5. We compete against the very best programs in the world. Your child will be on TV, compete on stages in front of thousands, & live her dream. We were just featured on ESPN.

6. Our owner, Stephanie Britt, sits on the judging panels for the most prestigious cheer companies All-Star Challenge, NCA, & UCA. Therefore, she has built & maintained personal relationships with fellow judges, some of whom are the best & most highly recognized choreographers and professionals in the world who have flown into Savannah to work with the Cheer Savannah teams. Former Olympian (gymnastics) Dan Hayden developed our tumbling curriculum & trained our staff & athletes for years to establish one of the best tumbling programs in cheerleading. Mrs. Britt is on facebook with fellow coaches & judges, & was invited as a special guest to attend the All-Star Challenge coach’s convention in TX as well as the Varsity Coach’s Convention in Vegas. She votes on the rules & is an active member in the USASF & NACCC.

7. Our entire staff is USASF safety certified for the levels they coach. The entire staff at Cheer Savannah in First Aid Certified, certified in CPR & Emergency Response, as well as credentialed to coach each level.

8. Our coaches are also parents themselves. Coach Steph, Coach Tonya, & Coach Michelle have 4 girls in the program between them.

9. We are fair, honest, professional, and do things “right”. We are a Christian based organization and our entire staff is held to a high standard of respect for our customers.

10. Makeup is optional & a personal choice. Practice Clothes can be a sports BRA or sports TANK depending on each child & families personal preference & comfort zone.

11. Our gym focuses on NUTRITION & overall health. Each year we bring in specialist to educate our athletes on proper foods, eating disorders, building muscle & good fats. However, it is untrue that you “have to be thin” or “can’t be big” to be a cheer savannah Allstar.